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July 13, 2017
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I mean it. Please come home.all is forgiven, even that time in Poli-Sci in college when you allow me to wander between the islands of what I knew I understood. I understood what a social democrat was the instant I passed in my little blue exam book then, intending to smack my head mistakenly poked my pencil through the skin of my forehead. I bled like a pig as I walked that long walk up the steps of the auditorium where I had just finished my exam.

Rather than fighting with your ‘gremlins’, this simple act of a level chemistry them and focusing on the ‘now’ makes them subside in intensity and frequency with a delicious relief. They just don’t know that life can be a ball whatever your circumstances.

For some reason, we’ve bought into the lie that faster is always better. Sometimes it is, but not always. Personally, I am a huge fan of some regular slow. I think slow should have a place in our lives. Not always and not everywhere but occasionally and some places. Sometimes, the expense of all our time-saving speed and efficiency is that we miss out on some of life’s gems. The simple. The beautiful. The unplanned. The spontaneous.

The Wedding Singer is one of those movies that just works. The a-level chemistry is right for a romantic comedy, its got fan favorite Adam Sandler and he’s not being obnoxious for each and every minute, actually, he portrays lots of emotion in this job. He is very likable and you really root for him because he’s not a jerk. Once in a while the film gods align together for something special and this is it. This film has comedic touches to your heartwarming story and fine cameos by all the past, current, and future Happy Gilmore production celebrities.

Does your ex still call or text you? Unless you have kids or work matters to discuss, meaning a level of contact between you is unavoidable, then if your ex is still calling you regularly they are still thinking about you.

The lettuce varies on spacing by variety, and you should follow the directions on the packet. A very thin layer of soil is required to cover the seed. In this case more is better.

If both of you liked the date thoroughly and there was a spark of desire, then go for it! It won’t seem as if you’re desperate and he will be delighted with the attention. It could be that he is just waiting for you to make a move again and if you believe he is definitely worth it – ask him.

Remember to pay particular care to your health and safety, and that of family members who might not be helping with the build but could wander in to the workspace. Modern glues and resins can work wonders but they can be pretty toxic and harmful.

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