What’s With Using Layout Templates Wrong?

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September 14, 2016
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October 19, 2016

There is no denying that the web design scene is dominated by web site templates now. Because they are so affordable and straightforward to create many companies jump into this chance.

How popular are layout templates?

But layout templates clearly have their limits too. Here are 8 great reasons why using a layout template is a poor thought.

1. They frequently conceal problems under the surface

This can be an issue that is serious. Many templates look amazing at first glance, but you might see some serious problems, after you dig out a bit within their code. Finally, individuals wind up paying for features like advertising and SEO analytics, which simply is not reasonable. Simply take a glance at premium strategies accessible to WIX users, who apparently must pay for joining the temple to some domain name.

2. They’re not adaptable

Sure, it is possible to add your content like text and pictures, but that is barely a customization feature. If you are seeking exceptional layouts and constructions, steer away from templates – quite similar models which are not simple to customize are typically exploited by them. A web site according to a template Won’t ever be exceptional. Imagine being stuck with this sort of insane flat and vertical navigation combination.

3. They are not expensive

And this is their primary selling point. But when purchasing one you should recall which you’re getting what you purchase. They are not expensive and they seem affordable. Using a template might trigger negative answers in the online community and change the picture of a brand since a web site essentially functions to consumers.

If construct an optimistic brand image and still you’d like to use a template, select template suppliers that are recognized and contemplate buying strategies that allow access to designs that are more exceptional.

4. They are recognized by users

Additionally they help consumers to learn what web design templates appear to be since suppliers of these templates use tons of promotion.

Website templates indicate not enough laziness and imagination – and brand image can only just suffer.

5. They are frequently not reactive

The position is changing, but this holds true for many self-assemble templates and themes out there. Clearly, constructing a web site that’s not reactive is unforgivable in 2016. Cellular internet use is growing and it surpasses desktop computer use now. Today 80% of web users possess a smartphone.

There exist means of transforming a non- template that is open or motif into a reactive one. You can attempt a plugin, for example Apparatus Theme Switcher. But you can even delve into the code and upgrade width values are fixed by the container establish the width to 100% and particular a max-width for big displays. It’s possible for you to cope with – Receptive Menu is an excellent option as well reactive navigation with a stopper.

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6. They are not exceptional

Their offer to represent the demand of different sectors is generally categorized by template firms. The thought is not bad, but the performance is frequently lacking. Variety characterizes every business. Is one template assumed to work for all the choices that are different? Will it help these companies be actually relevant with their needs and to distinguish themselves? Not likely.

Plus, selecting a template that is popular, you’ll locate hundreds if not thousands of sites that seem similar. For standing out in the marketplace and that is clearly not a method. A classic example of the issue is.

7. Change is resisted by them

Websites shift with time. Technologies are under programmers upgrade sites and continuous initiation to match the conditions and remain competitive. The time you’re done, the company might lose with their opponents.

8. SEO might become a difficulty

The truth is, you have got no promise that the template you are building on will favorably influence the search rank of the website’s. And programmers working with custom foundation components frequently understand what they are doing in regards to SEO.

There are a number of things you are able to do to foster its Search Engine Optimization however if you are using a template. Make certain to personalize your names, create a custom symbol, work in your meta titles and meta descriptions that are brief, tag your pictures and write content which makes use of the keywords you are targeting.


Contemplating all the debatable issues which might be part of using templates, having a programmer on board can readily turn out to be a whole lot more cost effective.

Founded on the company brand, custom web design permits more control over components that are creative, helping companies to invent a significant link with their audiences.

An excellent web site is a lot more than breathtaking visuals and smart widgets.


Companies are enticed by readily accessible and low-cost web design templates. Nevertheless, templates present an assortment of issues which make the alternative ultimately less cost effective.

Selecting a web design template, companies save up on cost and time of developing their web site. Templates are generally difficult to customize and create an assortment of other problems that influence the functionality of the website’s an negatively influence the brand. Templates can only just function as a starting point.

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